What does a weddingplanner do?

Let's start at the beginning: what is a weddingplanner?
A weddingplanner will help organize your wedding so that you can enjoy a wonderful time full of love and happiness. The duty of a weddingplanner is to find out your wishes for your big day and make it a reality. From start to finish, she ensures that everything is arranged down to the last detail and that everything is run smoothly. Now that it is clear what a weddingplanner is, you may be wondering; what is the added value of a weddingplanner? The main goal of a weddingplanner is to let you enjoy the best day of your life (including the journey towards it)! Also, not unimportant to mention, is that a weddingplanner often has good connections with wedding suppliers, which means that discounts are possible. You can read the tasks associated with a weddingplanner below.

Tasks weddingplanner

During the planning, a wedding planner arranges everything from A to Z. For example, a weddingplanner looks for wedding suppliers, a wedding location, manages the wedding budget, makes the weddingscript and acts as the master of ceremonies on the day itself. Below you can find a list of all the tasks associated with planning a wedding.


  • Introductory meeting
    Plan of approach
    Wedding budget
    Advice regarding wedding locations and wedding suppliers
    Advice on styling and theme
    Site visit
    RSVP inventory and guest list coordination
    Unique and creative ideas
    Weddingscript and alignment with all suppliers
    Personal wedding website
    Unlimited telephone / email contact
    Detailed briefing with all suppliers
    Contact person for all suppliers
    Contact person for all guests
    Detailed meeting (1 week before the wedding)

Wedding day

  • Master of ceremonies
    Planning management
    Double check
    Solve last-minute problems

After care

  • Debrief
    (2-4 weeks after the wedding)

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What are the costs of a weddingplanner?

Now that you have read the added value and tasks of a weddingplanner, I can imagine that you want this too! How wonderful is it to hand over everything and just explain how you envision that most beautiful day of your life? I'll take care of the rest! Click the button below for the options and rates.

Difference wedding planner Master of Ceremonies

A wedding planner is also a master of ceremonies, but a master of ceremonies is not automatically also a wedding planner. What is the difference exactly?

A wedding planner helps the wedding couple with the entire planning and organization of the wedding. The wedding planner is also present on the day of the wedding in the role of a master of ceremonies. The wedding planner really provides peace and structure for the wedding couple. The duties of a wedding planner include finding the perfect wedding location and the right wedding suppliers.

Unlike a wedding planner, a master of ceremonies is purely a coordinator on the wedding day itself. She is only involved in a small part of the preparation in order to ensure everything runs smoothly on the wedding day itself. The duties of a master of ceremonies nclude coordinating the wedding according to the wedding script and being the contactperson for all wedding vendors. A master of ceremonies is ideal because she ensures that everyone (including all family and friends) can enjoy the wedding.

Wedding planner the Netherlands

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Wedding planner Amsterdam

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Have you decided to get married in β€˜t Gooi? That’s great!
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Wedding planner Hilversum

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Wedding Styling

I specialize in wedding planning, which is why I like to leave the styling to the professionals of this profession. This makes it possible that you can choose a stylist/
florist that exactly match your wishes and can bring your fairytale wedding to reality. For example, do you prefer the light, romantic and dreamy colors or the robust, dark colors with dried flowers? There are many choices to make and I would be happy to help you select the right stylist! When they are busy with beautiful flower decorations, I make sure that everything runs smoothly according to the planning and that you can enjoy the moment!