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The costs of a weddingplanner vary per weddingplanner and therefore the question; ‘How expensive is a wedding planner?', needs a little more explanation. One wedding planner bases her price on an hourly rate, the other offers packages and yet another charges a percentage of the total wedding budget. I have chosen to offer special packages  because wedding couples already have enough choices to make! Because every wedding is unique, it is of course possible to adjust each package in such a way that it fully meets your wishes. In the introductory meeting, we will therefore fine-tune exactly where you can use my help.


Every wedding is unique and so are the associated costs. To give you an indication, I have designed the packages below. I would be happy to make a tailor-made offer for you!

1. From this day forward...

  • From this day forward…
    ... I promise to take care of the complete organization of your wedding, while you sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful moments before your special day. As a wedding planner I make sure everything is arranged down to the last detail from A to Z!

2. "Yes, I do"

  • Do you want to organize your own wedding or do you have a friend with a great talent for event planning and do you just need someone on the big day itself so that you and all your loved ones can fully enjoy the big day? I am your master of ceremonies and I make sure that your wedding day runs perfectly!

3. Cupid’s Arrow

  • Do you want to do everything yourself, but you don't know where to start? I will provide you with advice and answers to all your questions to guide you in the right direction! Request a consultation now.

4. A thousand love stories

  • Each love story is unique and celebrated in a different way. That is why you can put together your own arrangement! Be creative or better yet, let's be creative together and schedule a brainstorming session right away. Some examples: The proposal, a bachelor party, "Retie the knot", "the Final Stress Saver" or a combination of existing packages.

What does a wedding cost?

An average wedding in the Netherlands costs € 15,000 (excluding the honeymoon). This amount is of course highly dependent on your wishes and differs per wedding couple. To give an idea of ​​how much the average Dutch wedding couple spends per wedding supplier, you can find a breakdown of the average wedding budget below:

• 35-40% wedding location including catering
• 10-15% wedding dress bride including shoes, lingerie etc.
• 5-7% groom's wedding attire including shoes
• 6-7% wedding rings
• 1.5-2% hair and make-up
• 10-15% photo and videographer
• 2-10% styling, furniture, flowers and decoration
• 2-5% printing, invitations, etc.
• 4-10% music, DJ, live band
• 3-8% wedding ceremony, wedding official
• 6-10% wedding planner
• 1-10% other and unforeseen, guestbook etc.

The above overview is an average, however. It is important to put together your own wedding budget, tailored to your wishes! Read below how to prepare your ideal wedding budget.

Wedding budget planning

Before you start choosing the wedding dress, rings, photographer, etc., it is important to make your wedding budget transparent. So that you know exactly how much you can spend on which aspects of your beautiful day. First determine your full wedding budget and then go through the following steps to make the breakdown.

Step 1: Make a complete wedding list
What does it take to make your wedding an unforgettable day? Think of wedding location, catering, styling, flowers, wedding rings, wedding dress, etc. Write down everything that comes to your mind!

Step 2: Set priorities
What is most important to you? What is the real "make or break" of your wedding? This is also where the most wedding budget can be spent. Then divide the entire list into "absolute musts" and "nice to have". To find the right balance, you will have to make choices. Communicate well with each other to then achieve the best result for both of you!

Step 3: Personalize the wedding budget
Now that you know where your top priorities lie, it is easier to determine the breakdown of your wedding budget. Create an Excel Sheet, write down each topic below the other, with the corresponding percentage behind it. Note, the total must be 100%. After this, you write down your total wedding budget and then leave the calculations to Excel. Now you know the exact amount in euros that you can spend on which part of your wedding.

Need help? No problem, feel free to contact me  o see where I can help you with! As a weddingplanner  it is my job, among other things, to keep an eye on your wedding budget, so that you are not faced with surprises afterwards.