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There is a lot to consider when planning a wedding. More than you probably think of at first. Choosing the perfect wedding location, finding suppliers that perfectly match your wishes, creating a styling plan, making a weddingscript and so on. To name but a few. Curious about all tasks belonging to a weddingplanner?

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Master of Ceremonies

Why is a master of ceremonies so important? And what does a master of ceremonies actually do? I'll tell you!
master of ceremonies ensures that everything runs smoothly on the most beautiful day of your life! For example, the master of ceremonies is the contactperson for guests, suppliers and the location. She is also responsible for the weddingscript, planning and she is the coordinator on your wedding day. This means that, among other things, she comes up with solutions for last-minute issues and above all, she ensures that everyone can enjoy themselves to the fullest. Hiring a master of ceremonies is therefore crucial.

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Wedding locations

What should you consider when finding the perfect wedding location? Find out the ultimate tips  hat will help you find your dream location.

Whether you are looking for wedding locations in Amsterdam, wedding locations in Hilversum or wedding locations in 't Gooi, it is all about having a good feeling about your choice and that applies to all wedding locations in the Netherlands. I can hear you thinking, what makes me feel good about the location?

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International wedding planner

'Destination Wedding’

Do you want to say ‘I do’ between the olive trees in Italy, feel the white sand between your toes during your first dance at the Caribbean Islands or share your wedding vows in a famous castle in France?

Belle Weddings is there for you as an "International Wedding Planner" during your destination wedding. When you enjoy each other and your love for one another, I will make sure that everything is arranged down to the last detail!

Of course, the other way around is also possible! Are you an international and would you like to get married in the Netherlands? Then it is certainly useful to hire a wedding planner as a contact person on site.

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Online wedding planner

Do you live abroad and would you like to get married in the Netherlands? Or are you very busy with work, children, etc.? Then the online wedding planner is perfect for you.

What is an online wedding planner and why do I need one?

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Weddingplanner prices

Every wedding is unique and therefore costs can vary from wedding to wedding. For example, do you find it important to be completely unburdened in the preparation for your big day? Or do you want to arrange everything yourself and do you just need a push in the right direction when organizing your wedding day? I have designed special packages with the aim to exceed your expectations and to make you enjoy the big day! Want to put together a package yourself? Of course you can! In addition, all arrangements can be adjusted to your specific wishes.

How expensive is a wedding planner?