Frustrations and lack of motivation on the part of staff to organize weddings. It takes a lot of time and also a lot of effort. Wedding couples call / email for the smallest details and want everything to be perfect. The effect is a low conversion level, a low ROI, a waste of time and, above all, a lot of frustration on both sides. While there are so many opportunities here! Through a lot of research I have found out the exact wishes of wedding couples and I also found that these needs are often not matched with what wedding venues offer. Here is what we call a "gap".

By using the right techniques and responding to the needs of the wedding couple, you increase your conversion level, your ROI and you receive positive reviews!

Happy you, happy wedding couple!


A totally customized training with advice on how to profile your location as a Top Wedding Location. During this half-day training, we go through the entire Customer Journey of your wedding couples. Together we identify the "gaps" between the current and ideal situation and we convert key points into action points, so that it is clear to you what you can work on. 

After the training, I will hand you the "Belle Weddings Academy Certificate". You can also add the online badge to your website so that wedding couples immediately see that you are a Top Wedding Location and that they will be in good hands!

Added value

Attract more wedding couples to your location
Higher conversion level
More time for other things
Increased motivation to organize weddings
Positive reviews

YES I have become curious !! How much does it cost?