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I plan weddings and give training with an overload of enthusiasm and a Bright Smile!

As a wedding planner and wedding consultant  I know exactly how to connect unique suppliers, work professionally and take away your stress in the journey towards your dream wedding in Holland or abroad!

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What are tasks of a weddingplanner?

As a weddingplanner  I help you with the entire process of organizing your wedding. From brainstorming about your ideal wedding, to the search for your wedding location and making a detailed weddingscript, I will provide a 'helicopter view', so that you can enjoy your love to the fullest! Curious about all the tasks associated with a weddingplanner? Click on the button below!
You can also hire me as a master of ceremonies or as an international wedding planner.
Curious about the experiences of other weddingcouples? Then take a look at my reviews.

Planning a wedding

Many people think this is an easy task. However, nothing could be further from the truth. It can be very frustrating to organize a wedding, because there is so much you have to take into consideration what you don’t see coming in advance. Don't worry, because I would love to help you! How?

3 reasons to choose Belle Weddings

1. Belle Weddings shines from head to toe

That’s because my work is my absolute passion! I get to work with an overload of enthusiasm, energy and positivity. The sky is the limit for Belle Weddings and I will always think in possibilities and solutions. My goal is to exceed expectations and create the WOW-factor both for wedding couples and wedding venues!

2. Belle Weddings connects

I’m a real people-person. Working with people, connecting and networking are among my greatest motivations. That’s why I know exactly what wedding couples are looking for during their search for the perfect venue and how to create the right fit between a bridal couple and a supplier. Trust and transparency are also of paramount importance to Belle Weddings. Every single wedding couple should be confident that the best day of their lives is in good hands and that they can count on me!

3. Belle Weddings only settles for the best

My biggest driver is ambition. Productivity, pro-activity, high responsiveness, perseverance and achieving goals, are words describing my personality. For me, hospitality means ‘exceptional service with a smile’. Due to my degree in Business Administration in the Hospitality Industry at Hotelschool The Hague, my international placements and my work experience in the front and back of the house, I’m convinced I can professionally organize your wedding!

I’ve no doubt I can completely take away your stress towards your special day, in which the maximum achievable result will be realized and in which I make the perfect match with unique suppliers. Moreover, I will ensure to walk the journey towards the big day with an overload of enthusiasm and a bright smile!

My goal is only accomplished when you both scream: This was the best day of our lives!


About Isabelle


Segbroek College
Españolé Valencia
EC Vancouver
Hotelschool den Haag

Cambridge English
Business administration in the hospitality industry
Certified Wedding Planner


Four Seasons Miami
Synergy in teams
The NXT GM Challenge

Strategy project
6 factors influencing synergy in teams
Finalist in the race to become GM of Postillion

Work experience

Sandals Grande Saint Lucia
RAI Amsterdam
Hotel Arena

Sales & Weddings
Event Manager
Meeting & Events Coordinator & Wedding Specialist 


Management Drives
Kenneth Smith
Focus Academy

Personality test
Personal leadership test
Personal Mapping Training
Sales training
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